Air Conditioning

Did you know that your air conditioning system can lose up to 10 per cent of its gas each year and if the system isn’t serviced the air con system will continue to lose gas, become less efficient which will in-turn lead to increased fuel consumption and eventually a failure in parts? Gotts offer a premium Car Air Conditioning Recharge service in and around Norwich.

What do we do?

  • Drain and recharge your car’s air con system
  • Check hoses, filters, belts and connections
  • Check the compressor and condenser are working in the way which they were designed

Currently most car brands recommend having your air con refilled and serviced every 2 years and we can service the air con of most car brands, including Skoda, VW, Seat and Audi.

We have our own Bosch Air Con Unit installed in our garage and we can refill your car whilst you wait. If you need to cool down, this is perfect way to do it.

Call us to book on 01603 304904 or just pop in and see us, conveniently located just outside Norwich City Centre, and only 5 minutes from the Southern bypass on Thorpe Road.

Would you run your engine without oil? Don’t make the mistake with your car air conditioning system. Car Air Con Refill Norfolk