Car FAQs

We have put together this useful list of frequently asked questions:

Q1. My new car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, can I still use Gott’s Van & Car Service Centre to save on maintenance costs?
A1. Yes you can, new laws allow us to complete all of your annual service requirements and wear and tear items such as brakes, discs, tyres etc at a fraction of the cost of a main dealer prices. Should any major mechanical fault occur then simply take your vehicle to the nearest franchised dealer and they will carry out the repair free of charge under the warranty terms.

Q2. My car is getting older now and I would like to keep the maintenance costs to a minimum?
A2. Maintaining older vehicles can sometimes be very costly so we offer the option to use either genuine parts or suitable cheaper aftermarket parts to suit your budget.

Q3. How do you keep up with the latest technology for new vehicles?
A3. As a professional independent we have the very latest diagnostic software which is constantly updated in order to access the onboard computers.

Q4. Are you able to stamp my service book and reset my service interval?
A4. Yes we are. As a specialist independent we are able to stamp your service book so that if you choose to sell your vehicle the next owner will know that all work has been carried out to manufacturer criteria. The service light is automatically reset to the correct interval.

Q5. I need a courtesy vehicle whilst my car is being worked on?
A5. We have various courtesy vehicles available ranging from cars to vans to suit everyone’s needs. These can be seen in the above image. Courtesy vehicles are subject to availability, insurance and return time conditions.

Q6. Am I able to wait whilst my vehicle is with you?
A6. Yes this is not a problem, you can wait in our reception area with a hot or cold drink, with free wifi. We are also situated right next to a RSPB owned nature reserve if you wish to take a walk around.